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About Musical Workshop

Let’s start from the beginning.
It all really starts with music. (Everything is music and music is everything)

The fetus lives and develops by listening to the rhythm of the mother’s heart. The mother’s voice is heard and felt long before birth.
At birth, we are musical, and at the age of six months we are able to respond to the rhythm of music with our body movements.
When we grow up, we often tap with our feet whenever we hear the rhythm we love. It is also very common that we get stuck with a tune we like for a whole day.

Music contains emotions and expressions of feelings that we may not even be aware of. Listening to music uses our imagination, and for a moment we release all anxiety and tension.
Music is a bonding material. And this bonding is done in the most beautiful way possible. Like love.

Croatia, as the country where music workshops are being held, was chosen for a good reason. Croatia is located somehow in the middle between Europe and the Balkans and has been influenced by very different cultures.
Because of this, it offers an excellent mix of music, architecture and food partly native and partly taken over and mixed with the music, architecture and food of our neighboring countries such as Hungary, Italy, Turkey.

And when it comes to landmarks and nature, once you discover Croatia, it will be clear to you why Croats often say that they live in the most beautiful country in the world. Moreover, the national anthem of Croatia begins with the words: Lijepa naša domovino, which in English means Our Beautiful Homeland.

Our vision is to combine music, sights, nature and great food; allow you to learn from the best teachers, musicians, artists, performers, while enjoying the time spent surrounded by all these beauties of our country.

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